Caressing the city. Berlín. 2019

Caressing The City is a proposal of affective mapping and choreographic action over a territory. With a core group coming to a previous workshop “Affective cartography of my neighborhood”, it establishes routes for journeys on a pre-defined zone (in this case, the Friedrischshagen neighborhood). Through strategies and tools of individual and collective care, it proposes ways of observing and naming everyday places and the affects in them, mapping the routes and feelings about these journeys –either later or during the journeys themselves.

The strategies for the journeys include short corporeal scores to inhabit, unveil, and discover the spaces of the territory, as well as narrative exercises through which to generate individual stories, that can then be woven into collective accounts.

From the core group’s mappings, 1 or 2 routes will be selected to be shared with a larger group. These routes will be designed with the experiences named by the core group, with the aim that the people invited have a shared experience of the city. The experiences will be showcased through corporeal actions, audios, narrations, photography, video, and/or other media that emerge within the core group.

This is a project of Ambar Luna Quintanaar, supported by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Mexico (FONCA), in residency in the Lake Studios Berlín, Germany.